Petrina De Chine

Instagram: pdcpilateslb

Petrina was introduced to Pilates in 2002 after a car accident that dislocated her back. She spent 18 months rehabilitating her lower back and in return discovered a stronger core and better posture. Instantly, she became hooked.

Certified at Equinox’s National Pilates Program, Petrina offers an individual experience focusing on your unique needs and goals. Her passion lies in helping clients move and strengthen from the inside out, with a special emphasis on correct alignment and body conditioning.

Petrina’s dedication to physical health, her strong energy, and a genuine love for helping people achieve their full potential, provide her clients with a custom, effective experience. She believes that strengthening the body and mind have a direct impact on one’s overall happiness. You can always hear her say, “Strong is the new sexy!”


Pilates & Strength Conditioning: Fridays 1-2pm