What to Bring:
Comfortable light weight pants and a t-shirt (eventually you will purchase a CDFC Capoeira uniform). Water and a towel are nice to bring as well. If you have Capoeira instruments, please bring them so we can practice during class.

What to Expect:
Class will consist of some combination of the following: music practice, dynamic warm-up, basic movements, drills in pairs, acrobatic movements, combat training, and/or a Roda (the circle where Capoeira is performed).

Can Anybody do Capoeira?
Yes, as long as you WANT to, you CAN. Any age group can do Capoeira regardless of the individual’s athletic background. Capoeira feeds on good energy, called Axé, so as long as you can bring the Axé, you can play Capoeira!

Do I need previous martial arts training, gymnastic ability, or dance experience?
No. Many people, including Corpo Fechado, couldn’t do a kick or cartwheel before starting Capoeira. The basic movements bring a certain level of body rhythm and fluidity; after a while, the sound of the instruments is enough to let the body react in ways that you can’t explain.